California 8 Hour Long-Term Care Training

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8 credit hours

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June 23, 2025 (365 Days)


This course follows the outline of topics that must be addressed as part of all eight-hour long term care insurance courses designed to meet the requirements of the Section 10234.93(a) (4) (A) (B), and(C) of the California Insurance Code (CIC). This Section reads in part, “…Licensees shall complete the initial training requirements of this Section prior to being authorized to solicit individual consumers for the sale of long-term care insurance…”

Additionally, licensees who sell life insurance products that contain riders for long-term care are subject to the training requirements.

Exam Details

Need Proctor?No
Question Count:50
Passing Grade:70%
Attempts to Pass:Unlimited
Note: If you choose to request additional credit types while taking this course, the number of exam questions and proctor rules may change to meet those credits' requirements.

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Course Number:298830
Approved Title:Paul J. Winn - California 8 Hour Long-Term Care Training
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8 credits in CE - LongTerm Care 8 Hour Training
Provider Number:770
Topics Covered:Long Term Care

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Rules for American College PRCE (formerly PACE)

  • Course material may be downloaded.
  • Exam is open book.