Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Click here to see the minimum browser requirements to correctly use this website.

  2. In nearly every state it is the responsibility of the provider to submit a record of your course completion to the state’s CE regulator. Except for the state of New Mexico, we will be notifying the state on your behalf.

    Be aware that there are several states which require some element of filing on the student’s part. If you are licensed in one of these states be sure you are aware of and have filed the appropriate paperwork with the state.

  3. A score of 70% or higher on the final exam is considered a passing grade.

  4. Our system was built with transaction security in mind. Any connection involving sensitive user information is encrypted for your protection. Please refer to our Privacy commitment for more information.

  5. On average, credits are processed in 1 business day. Priority Processing will guarantee that your credits are processed on the same business day, if received before 5pm CST. If after one week your transcript does not reflect your course completion, please feel free to contact our support team to determine if there are any issues that need additional attention.

  6. Sometimes the state may need additional time to update their records. You may contact our support team at any time to determine the status of your course. We will be able to provide you with a date and time that the records were sent to the state.

    It may also be the case that while a course was successfully passed and completed, our office is still waiting on the receipt of additional paperwork such as an Affidavit of Personal Responsibility or Proctor Form. We are not allowed to process your credits with the state until that paperwork has been received and filed with your course record. If you were prompted to complete additional paperwork during the course and have yet to turn that in, please be sure to get that to our office as soon as possible so that we may file your credits with the state.

  7. Close your browser and open it again. When you log back into our website you can click the link for "My Courses". From there you can choose to continue your course as well as find all sorts of course related materials like affidavits, certificates of completion, downloadable content. When you resume a course the system will take you back to where you left off in the course material. Note that you must be using the same computer and have permitted bookmarking for the course to resume where you were disconnected. If you do not permit bookmarking on your PC or have switched to a different computer then you may need to click through the course material until you reach the point where you were disconnected.

  8. It is a regulatory requirement that final exams be completed in one sitting. You will need to close your browser and open it again. When you log back into our website you can click the link for "My Courses". From there you can then choose to continue your course. Use the continue button to advance to the point where the exam begins. Unlike the course which resumes where you were disconnected, the exam will be restarted with a new randomized test.

  9. Each state determines the requirements for an online exam. You will be notified on both the rules page of the course material and also just prior to taking the exam if a monitor/proctor is required in your state.

  10. Each state defines this term in a slightly different way and you should always check with the specific rules of your state as to who may monitor/proctor an exam. A general rule of thumb is that a disinterested third party would be an individual that is not related to you, not an immediate supervisor, and not an employee of yours. It should be someone with no potential gain or loss with regard to the success or failure of your exam results.

  11. Once your course has been processed with the state, a Certificate of Completion will be available in your “My Courses” section of your account. Should you need any assistance you may contact our customer support team and they will be able to email you a duplicate copy as well. We will not charge for additional certificates.

  12. We encourage students to complete a survey and fax or email a copy to our support team. We truly love to hear your feedback and are constantly making changes and upgrades to the way our system works based on the input provided to us by our students. A survey is available at the end of each course or you may download a copy here.